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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A blog without a picture

I decided to actually write a 'blog" without a picture...... It's hard, but i'm gonna do it. I think Of the people who never do picture blogs and i wonder why they dont....katherine???? Pictures are fun to look at, but maybe people dont always want to see pictures of peeps. So here is a pictureless blog, it's a rare occurance for me so enjoy. We'll, lets see....... It's Thursday and it's hot.....again. I dont like hot or humid, I want winter!!! I worked till 12:30am and then sat outside at my house with a friend and talked till 2am. I didnt go to bed till 3am, then it was up at 0715, to take Gavin to summer school. Now I feel like a zombie, my fingers are typing but I'm not sure how...... I might have to take a little nap, since I'll be up at 4:55am tomorrow to work an early shift. After tomorrow I'll have 11 days off. YIP
Rick and Brice are up in St. Paul today. Brice is showing his portfolio to the guys at the "College of Visual Arts", hope that all goes well. They might try to catch a lunch with our nephew Jamey Dean. Wow.....that was wierd, I just randomly turned around on my computer chair to look behind me and there was a giant size poster head shot of Jamey on Brice's wall staring at me. Hummmm, strange. Anywho... I'm making no sense at all and my fingers are starting to make dyslexic spelling errors, so I must go take a short nap.
Jackie Lea, I hope all is well with you girlfriend, I just havent seen any updates lately.
Talk to all you peeps later


  1. this is my first comment on a blog! so you should feel special jacklyn! I am so proud that you are controlling your addiction of putting pictures on your blogs! I am sorry you feel poooped and i will be praying that you can get through the day without collapsing!

  2. Thanks Kellie, I am truly honored that you commented on my blog,and that I'm your first ever comment. Hope you have a fun filled day. Love ya, auntie J

  3. hi Jackie! I'm still alive!! Just very, very busy and exhausted. I went to Michigan, then camp, now I'm leaving for camp again on Sunday ... fun ... but not exactly RESTFUL.

    Pray that I say what the Lord wants me to say at Fireside on Monday night.

    Love you!!

  4. Hello Mrs. Hemmer,
    I haven't a clue how to put pictures on blogs! Otherwise I probably would. I love looking at them on yours--they are so cute!

  5. Congratulations to Brice on his acceptance to the College of Visual Arts! Do you think he'll get into a class with Jamey? How weird is that? Unbelievable! We're so happy for all of you! Jackie...come visit me...I need company!

  6. you nevr tol me to draw lines throw the middle of the sentences when i blog