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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Brianna and Christopher

My future son-in-law and his bride to be.... So this is the young man that I started praying for many years ago, when Brianna was still a child. I prayed for her future husband that He would love Jesus and that God would hand pick him just for Brianna. Another prayer answered....How awesome is that ! Here's a little quote that Brianna wrote recently in one of her friends' blog. " I figured God would work it out if he wanted to so I just sat back. I didn't see Chris coming, but once I did, God taught me a lot about Himself while He had me wait to date Chris for a whole long year after I became friends with him." What an awesome testimony of patience and waiting on the will of God. He has blessed you both with each other. The months ahead will be ablast, have fun with it........... If you need any advice, Feel free to ask someone that knows anything :) I Love you two....Happy planning MOM
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  1. Hmm..sounds familiar. Brianna is an awesome girl and has found an awesome guy...just goes to show that waiting for God's plans to work out in His timing is totally worth the waiting!! :)

  2. Awww. mama, that was veryyy sweet :) It's so nice to find out when people have been praying for you, it means the world to me!!!!
    I love you, and be prepared me asking you a million wedding questions! heehee

  3. WOAH BUDDY! briannas getting married?!?!?! wow..not that i didnt think she would..its just WOW!

  4. Congrats Brianna! He seems like a sweet guy and everyone knows that you're sweet. Jackie did you still want me to send you that picture of us girls with Gavin? If so I need your e-mail address.