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Monday, June 13, 2005

verbal road rage

Unfortunatley I had to be out in the traffic this morning around "rush hour". This is not a good time to be out in Rochester right now because of all the rediculous road construction. OK.......I'm gonna admit to evey one right now, I have a problem..... I have a problem with Dumb driver's, ....I participate in "Verbal" Road rage. This morning Gavin and i were backed up forever in traffic at a 4 way traffic light.......When we finally got to the light I was impatiently waiting my turn but the dumb lady on my right just sat there like a zombie, Finally i started waving my arm like a wild animal loudly saying......"Get going Lady, are you waiting for an invitation.......GO"!!!!!!!
Sitting quietley next to me Gavin says, " Do you really think she can hear you mom?" My kids must think I'm a nut. And I especially love the lady this morning that was riding my bumper on Elton Hills drive ( i was already going 5 MPH over the speed limit), when we got to the stop light she whipped off on an exit that had a big "do not enter sign" on it and snuck in front of me. I had a few choice words for that dumb lady also.
Some day I plan on making a bunch of big signs to keep in my car so that when stupid people do stupid stuff, I will be sure to let them know by flashing a sign at them. Examples of my sign will be....... "Back off", "Um, I wonder what the speed limit is" "Retard" "Bear-down on her skinny", "What else did ya get for Christmas?" Anyway........that's all I have to say for now


  1. hahaha...those signs would come in handy trying to get out of Century's parking lot! good idea :)

  2. Woman i hear you oh so loud and clear... I almost feel like when I see ppl like that and I flip out I become like them!!! ahhh then those signs are for me!

  3. Well...at least you didn't rear-end someone because you weren't paying attention! I love the sign idea. If it works let me know. I might have to do that too! I coulda used something yesterday when every stupid driver in the world was on the road. Must just be stupid day on Tuesdays huh?

  4. Oh wow mom, you need counseling, heehee. Just take a deep breath and blow it out :) I kinda get some road rage when people get so close to me and won't back off. Oh well, I just try not to look. You da bomb. bye dawg

  5. I know you got lots of comments on the sign thing... hehehe... but I like the idea also... Just gotta let you know!!! hehehee