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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Can you tell I'm bored

Things that bug me today
1. Trying to find a day that works to go to the cities and find housing for Brice
2. Brice is going to Chester Woods to Swim.....last time I was there a 17 yr. old boy drowned.
3. I hate having to go upstairs to the Bathroom, i just dont want to.
4. I have 2 loads of clothes to fold......dont wanna
5. Thinking that tomorrow I have to work,,,Blah
6. Gotta go thru Mayo Clinic bills and try to figure out how much we REALLY owe????
7. Ok.......I just got up and went to the BR.
8. Had to listen to the guy at panera talk to some guy on the phone about the "DOW and NASDAC" Oh man what a hoot. "should i buy now or should we wait............

Things that I like about today
1. Started my day out with Jesus.....doing my bible study at Panera
2. Took my awesome boys out for lunch, and got Gavin a haircut. YIP
3. Found out Brice's phone is still under warraenty and he gets a new one.
4. Nothing I HAVE TO do.
5. My two sweet Hemmer Niece's are staying overnight with cuzzin brie.
6. We have an air conditioner, and i'm using it.
7. This is the day that the Lord has made, so I'll rejoice and be glad in it.


  1. Heehee, cute blog :)

  2. I liked the last line. I wanna spend night with cuzzin Brie!!! lol...

  3. Christoph12:10 AM

    ahh yes, what a fun blog, I liked it a lot :) Spending time with Jesus is always a great time :) As a matter of fact I am listening to David Crowder sing is heart out to him right now :) The song is called "Every Move I Make" great song.

  4. oh jackie..jackie hemmer... :) have a marvelous day today!

  5. is twas a dun night with bonna!

  6. Gill- I was wondering about that "dun night".... I thought it was secret code for "dumb" hehehehe...