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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Heres a nice picture of the Hemmer Guys (minus Brice, who is taking the picture) They were in ELY MN for 1 week enjoying the great outdoors, without any women. Yes I did have a most enjoyable time while they were gone. No messes to clean up, the bathroom was spectacular. Then came Thursday and Brianna left me too. I had to sleep alone and I'm afraid to be alone and in the dark at the same time. To top it off the other Hemmer girls and I went to a freaky scary movie that night so then i had to come home to an empty house and pretend like I wasnt scared. Some how I made it through 2 night with out dying. Yesterday I had Lunch with my future son-in-law, Chris. We went to Panera and had a yummy sandwich, Chris had soup too. We had a nice long chat and Chris got to hear all about my hatred toward AT&T wireless phone service (which I am no longer a customer) Chris has the gift of a "listening ear" so i hope I didnt bore him to death :) I think my daughter has found a pretty special guy, "oh, you know it"
I was very happy to have my boys return home last evening arounf 5:00. I really did miss them all, especially the big one. And now my little girl is home from Sunshine music festival. It's so good to all be home together.....Love every minute of it.


  1. I think he's the most specialist :)

  2. he's the second most specialist...