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Friday, July 01, 2005

I Tackled the Pighole

So I spent like 2 hours in Gavin's room today cleaning. I came up with 5 sacks of garbage. You see.... Gavin has this sneeky little way of hiding the mess, so I didnt even know it was there. He barracades it with something large, so it's not visable unless you actually look over the barracades. I think he could live in a pig hole and not feel out of place. Gavin comes home tomorrow from a week away at camp, I wonder if he'll notice his clean room. He probably wont be able to sleep. His surrounding will be to akward for him. Ohhhhh how I miss my little piggy boy. I love you my dear Gavin chandler. I really do :) Posted by Picasa


  1. Piggy boys will be boys.

  2. will you clean my room?

  3. looks like you really had to yank things out 'cause of the pliers/wrench thats on the floor!

  4. Gavn's Mom9:17 PM

    Well kelsey that thing that you think is a pliers...it's actually a Compass for making circles in math class. WOW