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Saturday, August 20, 2005



It's been a crazy day. Tomorrow morning we leave for Pine Haven camp. We will be hanging out there till next thursday or Friday, I am soooooo looking forward to the peace and tranquility of "Up North". I love talking with friends from church and hanging out with my nieces and nephew. Stamping with Julie, watching Brad pull the skier's, walks with Rick at dusk, it's all so good. The sad thing is leaving Gavin behind because of Football, He would rather come to camp but knows he will be left in the dust at football if he does. I hope not to cry for long, I went through this a few years ago when we had to leave Brice :(
The good thing is that Chris has been so kind as to agree to stay with Gavin. I'm very relieved and know they will do well together. Chris is bringing over his Playstation 2.....what else could they need??? Today Brianna showed Chris how to work the washer and dryer, and the dishwasher. hee hee
Thank you Brianna for all the hard work today, you're a life saver indeed. My day was stressless because of you. WE GONNA HAVE FUN Eeeeep.
Ok, well I better go get bedding and towels put together. Just a few more things, then I'm calling it quits.
I will certainly be blogging about our vacation when I return. Until then....... Ta Ta


  1. hehehe... I'm looking forward to camp too! See ya tomorrow!!!

  2. blah. i wanna go to camp. lol

  3. yay!!! we are leaving in 7 hours.. i think i will just stay up till then!!! hehe... See ya there!

  4. no prob. mom, you deserve the help! love ya, and yay for camp, funness!