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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fun stuff

OK, I've decided to mention people who are important to me/Blogger readers and tell all of you what i love about that person. This could be both boring to some of you, other's of you may be curious to see if I mention your names. If I should happen to forget anyone, I'm sure You'll let me know!!!
Rick... Love that he loves me no matter what. I just Love him.
Brianna... I love your sweet, caring personality. Non-judgmental and Oh..so humble.
Brice...Love how He always makes me laugh.
Gavin... Love his unique personality, sweet boy who is very sensitive.
Chris... Love his smile and that he loves my daughter.
Jenny... Love her laugh, and her bright/cheerful personality.
Mom... Love that she's such a good mom and a awesome Grandma
Dad... he's a cool Grandpa
Rick (My Brother) Love that he's so easy going, easy to talk to, and I know he'll always be there.
Cindy... A fun, sis-in-law, Love her gift of hospitality.
Megan... I just love you MJ :) Smile and sense of humor.
Jamey... Love your determination, lots of energy.
Randy (My Brother)... Love How he hugs us, and always asks how the kids are.
Michelle... Love her ability to decorate, I'm jelous
Alexandra... I love how sweet she is, and that she's a jock. You go girl
Grant... I love his sweet little boy voice, and how he says, "aunt Jackie"
Jodi... I love that your my sister, and now that you have kids we have alot to take about :)
Darin... I love that your a scrapbooker like me, and that we have the same excitement over green yards.
Samuel... I love that you let me pull out your tooth, and that it's still OK to hug aunt jackie
Jensen... I love your sweet little faces you make, and that you make me laugh alot.
Kellie... I love how you and Brianna are alike in many ways. I love it when you just stop in to see us.
Jillian... I love your smile, your goofy little comments about things, and that you alway have a hug for me.
Ryan... I love it when you "bear cub" with brice.
Julie... Love how we can talk about anything.
Brad...I love that you are Rick's brother and that you get along.
Susan... I love how you love the kids with all your heart.


Cheri... I Love all the experiances we have had together, Cried together Laughed together, Pee'd our pant together, Prayed together. I just Love you
Julie W. I love that you genually care about me and my family.
Cozy... I love How you love my Brice like a second mom, and How your always an encouragement to me.
Gene... I love how you spend time talking to Brice. And how you taught him to drive a tractor.
Denise... I love how you Really care about me and my family, I love the way we can share our faith and encourage each other.
MaryAnn... Love how you will always be my neighblr buddy....dahling.
Valarie.... I love how you always make me feel like I'm a good mom, when I dont think I am.


Dora... I love your smile and that you always have time for a quick hug.
Kelsey...i love that you are a good friend to Brianna, and you make me giggle.
Logan...I love you like a son. You are precious to me, and I love it when you come "
Ashley...I Love seeing you, almost weekly. Your smile makes me smile.
Hannah....I love that you always find time to talk to me at Panera, you're just so sweet.
Whitney..... Oh, where do I start. I Love that you've been such a good friend to brice, and I love your example for all the younger girls who look up to you.
Jackie Lea.... Oh I love your unique nature, I love your energy and wish I had have of it. I love that you Love my boys and that they know you do.
Eir... I love that I've got to know you as a sweet, beautiful woman of god. I miss you.
Hunter...I love that you corrupt my son and that you trashed my microwave, I wouldnt want it anyother way. Just watchit mister.
Heather T.... I Love that you are a great friend of daughter, You are so sweet and tan. Hee Hee
Karoline.... I Love Your beautiful faith, and the way you display that in your Blogs. Your an encourager, did you know that???
Cara...I love that you are Brianna's best friend, that you two are so real with each other, that neither of you have to wonder what the other is REALLY thinking. I love that when you two are together it's obvious that you care deeply for each other. I Love that your the closest thing that I have to a 2nd daughter, so I guess that make you Brianna's sister...I think :)
Katie S... I love how you chat with me on IM even though I'm somebody's mom.
Lana... I love how we connected the minute we met. I love your sweet encouragment, and that you Love Brice.
Katerine B. I Love that you seem to think it's ok for a neighbor lady to comment on your blogs. You are the funniest "blogWritter" that I know. I Love that you and Brice cared enough about the kids at century, to meet every Monday morning to lead a bible study.

OK. I know I forgot some one. Please forgive me as you know I love you all.


  1. Not WHERE"S Waldo. Where's Denny

  2. You love him because he makes me laugh.

  3. jackie! i love how you always laugh at me and jill! i love how you are sooo hip and cool! i love how kind and relaxed you are about things!!! and i love how much you love Jesus with all your heart!! you may have written the most heartfelt blog that i have ever read! thanks for including me !!

  4. ohhh ditto to the last comment! I love you JACKIE!!

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
    Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
    Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
    Oh Lord, kumbaya

  6. I am honored that i was mentioned in your blog. Thanks for letting me be your daughter's friend.

  7. JACKIE!! i'm not on there!! what is this?!!? haha j/k, but I do love reading your blogger, and looking at your beautiful pictures!! i miss you neighbor! =)

  8. aww jackie! i love you because you are the coolest DAWG eva! and i love how you're very welcoming when me and kellie just randomly come over. and i love how you have such an awesome family.love dora.

  9. well, I was gonna go on and on about how cool you are jackie... but then I realized that you wrote this blog in order to get good comments from people about yourself right? Kind of like a "pick me up" hehehe... ok.. Maybe only funny in my sick and twisted head... but at least one of us laughed. I am actually surprised that I was mentioned... I'm like a single thread of grass in a cornfield of people you know! Wow.. All I can say is wow...

  10. Katie S.10:08 PM

    Hey Jackie, I love how you are always able to answer my medical questions, and that you visited me when I had my knee surgery. Too bad you weren't working this past Tuesday.

  11. oh mama, you're so sweet. I love how you always make everyone feel loved and welcome....even the shifty ones, like Kelsey for example.....jp'in

  12. Jackie, I love that you are so great. The other day Whit and I were talking about the first time we had gone to your house. It was Whit, Eir, and I. You didn't know who we were but welcomed us into your home and then offered to show us baby pictures of Brice, which we took up on. I hope that this next year I am able to see you more, or at least talk to you for longer periods of time. Perhaps I will see you bi-weekly. Maybe I will ask Hannah about a job at Panera to ensure this. Either way, I think you're wonderful. Thank you for making me feel at home from the moment I met you.

  13. what a wonderful friend you are too Brianna!

  14. I said that last comment through gritting teeth... ;)

  15. jackie, you are a DELIGHT.

  16. Christoph1:17 PM

    awww, Jackie you are loved by many and you always gots nice things to say bout' all da peeps, hehe. Thanks for including me and you are the sweetest future mother-in-law that I ever knew :)

  17. Jennifer Marie Shevik1:42 PM

    I JUST LOVE YOU JACKIE!!! Thankyou for just being so kind and welcoming me into your house pretty much everyday. Your son is so wonderful as well as your entire family! I just love hanging out with you guys and I am so very blessed to know you. Thankyou for everything!

  18. you almost made me cry! Love you oh so much thanks for being my second mom!