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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Home from vacation

We have returned from Vacation. It was a awesome relaxing time as it is every year at Pine Haven. The weather was nice, a little cooler than most would like,but perfect for me. I missed Gavin so much and it took me awhile to remember he wasnt there with us. I kept wondering what he was up to, then remembered, "oh yah, he's not here" :( He and Chris faired well at home. Thanks again to my awesome future son-in-law for hanging out at the house and keeping tabs on Gavin....You chalked up a great sum of Points for doing that Chris.
I was able to finish a little scrapbooking project while at camp, it turned out great and I cant wait to give it to a certain someone. I did a little shopping, but didnt purchase anything too exciting. I took lots of pictures, Read, talked a lot, and enjoyed being around my family and friends.
Big thanks to Julie and Brad for bringing my purse to my that i Left at camp....Brilliant jackie. Nothing like being 1.5 hours away and realizing you forgot your purse at your vacation spot.... man, am I loosing it or what. I'm fading fast folks, someone is gonna need to keep a close eye on me.
Today we enjoyed a family reunion at my Mom and Dad's house. It was for my Dad's side. I saw a few aunts and uncle's and Cousin's that i dont get to see too often, so that was cool. I always love seeing my Bro's and sis and their families. You throw a great party mom. thanks, it was fun.
Brianna leaves for school tomorrow. Sadness! I will miss you dearly little girl. I really dont like this part of my life. Pooh, Brice leaves Wednesday....."double tear" so sad, Thank you Lord for Gavin. he's not leaving me yet, No Siree. YIP YIP for Gavin.
I must go to bed now before i fall asleep at the keyboard.
PS....Check out the vacation pics below


  1. Sorry mama, I don't wanna leave either, but it's gotta be done and I will miss you!

  2. yes... gotta be done Jackie. I'm sad too...