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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm a blubbering idiot

OK....... So I've pretty much lost all emotional control. I can't be alone or I'll cry. I miss my daughter more than ever, but I think I've become a little used to the idea that she goes to college so I can handle it fairly well. It's when I start thinking of her getting married that does me in, Then I wont even get her in the summer's. Oh well if anyone is gonna get to have her I would want it to be Chris.
The thought of Brice leaving tomorrow has got me in a knot. Living all on his own with only Logan there. I hope I can keep myself together at orientation. YIKES. I can hear it now....... "would someone please take that blubbering idiot to the nearest psych ward"
I just have to say that same prayer to God as I did when Brice was about 3. "He's all your's God, You have only loaned him to me for a short while here on earth. I know that he will be safe in your care, and that I need not worry. Please take good care of my little boy, because I cant be near him every second of his life." This prayer is my peace......
So are you all thinking, "for crying out loud Jackie he's only 1.5 hours away", and Brianna only 1 hour away...Yep your right, and I'm thankful for that. And I'm also thankful that I still have Gavin at home to spoil :) We are gonna have a good time.
I love you Brianna and Brice, I hope you both have a fabulous year at college, For Brice a year of adventure and a chance to spread your wings, for Brianna your last year to enjoy "college life" with friends and fun experiances"(before you become a Real nurse) I really am excited to see what God has in store for both of you this year. Your both incredible kids and i'm, oh so very proud of you.
Love and hugs "YUR MOM"
Who will make me laugh??????????
"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful."
John 14:27


  1. Cute! The college kids.

  2. Oh mama, you made me all teary. And you will not lose me in the summer's, you will always be my mom and always a huge part of my life cuz I couldn't do it without ya! It's weird that our family is starting to change, but us kids are so lucky so have such amazing parents, thanks for missing me, cuz i miss you too! love you, and Brice will be ok, I know it :)

  3. Oh boy I guess I have my work cut out for me. Making Jackie laugh. You know you can call if your bored. I'll tell you about my greasy episodes. It will be special. Brice don't give your mother gray hair. And don't make me come up there to straighten you out.

  4. Dittos to that Granny! Good luck to all your kids Jackie! They each have new experiences ahead of them...as do you and Rick. Call me sometime when you're lonely. We can clean house together!! YaH Right!! Hee hee! Since our boys live pretty close we can do a day trip to visit them.

  5. yep, so i am pretty much in tears! you have raised 2 amazing kids and i feel so blessed to have them as cousins! and if you ever feel like you need a cryin partner, just call my mom and even the mention of my brother will put her to tears!!

  6. Hey miss Jackie!
    You made me teary and i'm not apart of your family! I think it was the mention of Brie! You got me there! She's all grown up! hehe! My mom is always up for doing stuff! if you ever need a hang out buddy hehe, i wish i could be there with you guys though! we still need to do our mother daughter lunch thing from like forever ago! I love you!

  7. Sharalyn10:47 PM

    My Dear friend Jackie,
    I'm here for you, my kids don't need me much either anymore. I think maybe we did our jobs (mommying) too well sometime. But my heart warms and spills over with love and pride at the fine young people we have raised.
    This too shall pass, I've found that praying ALOT gets me through.
    Call me whenever.......

  8. I'm VERY surprised to see my mom comment... YIKES!! hehehe. Love you mommy!!!