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Friday, September 23, 2005

Endless blog of nothing.

Ok.....Kelsey I will update my blog as you have requested. Have I set a record for myself? I havent blogged in a few days so that's just gotta be a record. Oh lets see here, what's been happening in my extremely exciting life? Well, Wednesday night I got to go to the "see you at the pole rally" at E-free church with a whole bunch of very cool Teenagers. It was delightful if I do say so myself. I sat next to my friend Hannah, and we jammed to the MPCC band. Pretty Hip we were if I DO say so myself. I apparently like to say, "if I do say so Myself" Hee Hee
Thursday I slugged around most of the day, in the morning we got to go to the orthodontist with Gavin and hear how many Thousands of dollars we will have to spend on his teeth. "GULP", All I can say is Thank you Jesus for insurance. .......Amen
Thurday afternoon we went to Gavin football game and watched Century 9th grade suffer their 1st loss of the season. Pooh. After the game we went to take Brianna her sick car that still isn't right..... we took our sweet daughter out for supper and then back to her pad to see her roomies. Casey, was a little.......shall we say, CRAZY or is it more desciptive to say wacked out? I love how silly you can be Casey, and Heather was just her sweet little old self, cute smile and chuckles.
Today I worked. It was a nice day, not to busy and i even got out 1 hour early, YIP. No interesting stories to tell you about work, just that people are very funny when they are waking up, It's funny until they ask you for the 5th time in 2 minutes, "what time is it" and "how long did the surgery take". I want to say, "does it really matter to you since your gonna ask me that again in a second", but I dont I just smile to myself and politely answer. People are just funny.
Tonight i plan on reading my new book, It's called "wicked", it's about the life and times of the wicked witch of the west, OH how I love her. She has just been born and is green, so crazy to have a green baby(with sharp teeth). How many of you knew that the Wicked witch of the west's real name is Elphaba. And guess what her 1st word is........ it's, "HORROR'S" eep. I cant wait till the part where Dorothy's house comes down out of the sky and lands on Elpaba's sister( the wicked witch of the east) Oh how I love the wizard of Oz.
Well I better stop now before I run out of paper jk. Now get off my back Kelsey and how about YOU UPDATE you slacker. I'm just Playin' Kels, you know I love you and would do anything for you. But you really do need to update.
Good night to all my faithful readers :)


  1. Finally, you updated. I need a break from studying and it's the updated blogs that entertain me! Thanks for bringin' me my sick car! Love ya!

  2. AJ, i am glad to hear you started reading WICKED.....i LOVE that book, but i trust that i warned you about some very graphic parts...if i didn't, be warned...some of the parts are "X" rated! EEP! ok time to go back to bed. Love you!

  3. Oh Megan, At age 44 I dont think anything will phase me. DOn't you know I live an "X" rated life....ha. just playin. Thanks for the warning, I'll read with my hands over my eyes. Love you

  4. Jackie, so that you know, I AM a faithful reader of your blog; yours is pretty much the only one I check anymore. You're so good at updating, and I love all the pictures.

    You're wonderful. I love you!!

  5. Random blogs are the best! Yes! I'm glad to hear you have such an interesting life. Keep makin' us laugh Jackie!

  6. Well my dear Jackie Lea, you are alive and well. Hope you are having a great year at NW .How'd you get your picture on the comment? Love you :)