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Monday, September 05, 2005


It's so nice to have my wierd daughter home for the weekend. Not quite sure what she's thinking here, but I'd have to say she's a dork. It's been a pretty relaxing weekend. We had a nice surprise visit from Mom and Dad yesterday, I guess they decided that since they were already out on this side of town they would stop in. How nice of them. Today we are heading over to My Big Bro's house. His lovely wife cindy invited us all over for a little labor day gathering, we also will get to wish our sweet niece a good time in London. What an exciting time for her, just dont forget to come home M.J.
Gavin (of course) has "blasted" football practice and wont be able to join us. BLAH BLAH.
Havent heard from Brice, I'm busting at the seams to hear from him. I'm guessing he is having such a good time in St. Paul, that by the time he thinks to call it's too late :( I'm sure I'm right at the top of his aganda for the day, Hee Hee. I'm calling him tonight, cant wait another minute.
Anywhoooooo. I gotta go get my "dish to pass" ready for the big picnic. Ta ta , Happy labor day to ya all. ......... i guess


  1. she is a "special" one isnt she.

  2. she looks so cute! I love you Nana!

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Brianna has demanded that I stand up for her and insist that she is not a nerd. She also has told me that Momma had betta not eva diss her again (that's pronounced a-gane). Anyways, I must get back to doing my thang on the comp, have a good day, y'alls.

  4. you love me and I learn all I know from my mother. muahahah.

  5. love the hat... you would fit right in as a trucker's wife. Does Chris know???