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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

1 car and a piece of junk

One down, two to go....I'm talking about shifts at work. Today I work the dreaded "late shift" I go in at 2:30pm and work till it's all over, that could be 9:00pm or it could be, 5:30am Tomorrow. Just depends on what happens. Hopefully we'll be done early, that would be my dream :)
Well it's raining here, I guess that's ok since I have to work anyway, and I think the grass could use a drink. I hear it's gonna get cold tomorrow, I love cold.
We are loving the fact that we are stuck with one car here at home. Brice's car decided not to shift on Saturday in the Target parking lot, so that's always fun. Sooooooooo, He now has Rick's car back up at college, but will be coming back home on Thursday night, so we will deal with it till then. Actually, we will probably get Brice's car back tomorrow, so we will be back to 2 cars, or should I say 1 car and a piece of junk. anywho.... enough said about our pathetic car situation.
I got to talk to Brianna last night on the phone. I miss her but she'll be home this weekend, hopefully the whole weekend. YIP YIP Brianna is coming home. All my kids will be home :)
Now I know How my mom feels when all of us kids are home with all of our kids and spouses, You have the same feeling......Right mom :)
Rick will be coming soon to pick me up for a lunch date, then I have to take him and his bike back to IBM, so I can have our 1 car to drive to work. Then he can ride his bike home from work in the rain later this afternoon. Oh what fun.
Well until the next time I can come up with something to say, you all should have a sweet day.


  1. It was real nice of you to call me this morning while you were home and didn't have to go to work until 2:30. I've been home alone since yesterday. Oh Well whats a mother to do. PUNT I guess.

  2. Your younger sister has a new car. Just ask to borrow hers! Hee hee.

  3. Thanks for all the sacrifice mom!!! Today is your last day of work, yay! I'm very exctied to come home this weekend. I'm gonna go everything I can to get to come home on Friday! whoot.

  4. you could have probably called my dad so rick could get a ride... i think they used to do that...