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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dont go look for pretty trees just yet.

I really have nothing much to say, but I know all you faithful Blogger reader's are checking my blog for an update so I shall do my best.
Yesterday was a fun day. My Mom and I went on our annual "look at pretty trees tour". Southeast Minn is definately not there yet, But I had the time off and we were afraid if we didnt go we might miss the colors....it's so tricky getting it just right. We went to Winona first, the bluffs were covered with fog even at noon, so we couldnt see a thing. But that's ok cuz we got to have lunch with Brianna and hang out for awhile....YIP. From Winona we headed up Hwy 61 to Wabasha, stopped at a bakery on main street and had a treat. I had the most delicious bran muffin in the whole world. I would like to go there again and buy a dozen of them. Yum Yum. Mom had a cookie, it was also very good. From Wabasha we ventured across the mighty Mississippi to the town of Nelson. We dropped in at the cheese place and loaded up on cheese curds and other goodies. Then we were back on the road heading north on 61 again. We stopped at an orchard which was a waste of our time, Who would spend 10.00 for a simple apple pie???? Not I, said the duck.
We decided to head home from Red Wing, so we jumped onto HWY 52 S. The Dairy Queen in Zumbrota called to us, so we popped in there for our final stop before we got home. It was a delightful day even though we didnt get to see much change of colors in the trees.
Today I worked, so that's always fun. It was a good day and went rather fast. Only had a couple of difficult patients, but nothing I couldnt handle. Tomorrow I have the day off and am looking forward to just hanging out. I have some idea's about what I wanna do, but I'll just wait and see what tomorrow brings. Gavin plays against Winona tomorrow at Century. Should be a good game. Goooooooooooooo Gavin, knockumdead. Yikes , did I just say that.


  1. i can't believe you said knockemdead...jeesh, heehee