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Monday, October 17, 2005

Our Get-away

Just got back form a lovely weekend journey to "God's country", as my Dad would say. Rick and I had a lovely time at a Bed and Breakfast in Peterson MN. Friday night we biked on the root river trail to Rushford, then we had a little bite to eat there.
Our room at the B&B was lovely. We enjoyed the peace and quiet it offered us. Sunday morning we got up and enjoyed breakfast, then we took off for an adventure. First stop was Houston MN. We attended a little Evangelical church there that reminded me of church in the mid 70's, hymns from the hymnals, older people all dressed up in suits and dresses, An organist and pianist. There was only about 30 people there. They were all very friendly and welcomed us into their church. Then we went on to enjoy the colors of fall in the bluff country. We drove through Spring Grove, Mabel and Canton. We ventured off the main road in the direction of Henry Town which consists of a church and cemetery, The cemetery where my Grandparents and Great grand parents are buried. We then travel cross country back to the B&B, had lunch and then Rick took off for Lanesboro on his bike. I drove to Lanesboro and shopped until he arrived. It's a 14 mile journey. We set up our chairs and read in the park then waked around a bit until supper time. We ate at an outdoor restraunt which was delightful. It was chilly but the patio was lined with outdoor heaters. It was splendid. Then it was back to the B&B for games and relaxation. My friend Sharalyn might be happy to hear the "hot chocolate" was lovely. Thanks for asking :)
This morning we took our sweet time getting up, Had some breakfast and enjoyed talking to our host. Then it was off to Rushford for a game of golf for Rick. He played, I walked. It was a beautiful course, very hilly and plush. We decided to drive over to Winona and see if Brianna could join us for lunch, but she was at work ;(

She did run out quick for a hug and we supplied her with a diet coke and Chicken sandwich. The visit was short but sweet.
Now we are home and anxiously waiting for Gav to get home from Football. I missed my little boy. We were thankful that Chris was happy to hang out at the house with Gavin while we were away. Thanks Chris, you're the best. Sigh....It's good to be home :)

See my fun pictures below

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  1. I'm glad you two had fun, it sounds like fun to me! Thank you so much for coming to visit me and bringing me food, yum yum. I smelled up the computer lab with grilled chicken smells, heehee. love ya!