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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A funny night

Had "coffee" this morning with my dear Friend Julie W. It took us awhile to catch up on each others lives. I think it's been a couple of month since we've hung out. Have you ever had one of those friends that you just know she really cares about you and your family? Well Julie is one of those friends. I can tell her anything and she just....."knows" (you know what i mean)

Then this afternoon I ran around doing errands and stuff. I came home and put some more lights on the trees in the front yard, then folded some clothes. Real exciting stuff, huh.

Chris came over around 6:30....lets just say he was a little frustrated with his math. (Chris I hope you dont mind that I'm talking about you, but you know I love ya.) After he vented a few minutes he trodded off to brianna's room to start the process of trying to figure it all out. Rick made his way back to the to the room, and with some gentle reminders, Chris was quickley "on to it". I instantly got out the mixing bowl and started to make a batch of Chocolate chip cookies. I knew Chris would need them for fuel :) The aroma of fresh baked Chocolate chip cookies is so lovely.
Tonight Chris has said a few funny things that have caused me to chuckle
  • Chris is sitting down stairs with the family, he's suppose to be doing homework but he cant keep his eye's off the game on TV. All the sudden i hear...... "Must keep eyes off TV". (funny)
  • Chris's phone rings, he answers it. It's Kieth (the best man) and he must have asked Chris what he's doing. Chris replied, "Chillin with my math book", "it's my new best friend since you left" I chuckled quietley, since I probaly shouldnt have been listenting to his conversation
  • Chris has also been checking RCTC's website to see if they are cancelling school tomorrow, cuz its cold out.......That really made me chuckle.
  • I wish I could record the conversations that go on between Rick and Chris when they are going through math problems. It is so funny...... Did you ever think that was funny Chris, I guess you'd have to listen to yourselves. Believe me it's funny.

We'll I do work at 6:30 in the morning so I think I need to go to bed.

I wish we'd get some snow.


  1. Be patient Jackie. We will get snow at a time when we really don't want it. Like travel time at christmas. Then we can worry about our loved ones being safe.

  2. Heehe, that made me laugh, Chris is a funny boy, and you are sweet to make him cookies, heehee.

  3. Christoph1:07 PM

    aww Jackie, you are sooo funny, I had no idea you thought the evil demon of my life (math) is funny. Well, as long as you get a kick of it then hey, it's worth it :)

  4. Ok...so you got your wish...it snowed last night! Are you happy now? I want summer to return!