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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gavin is so very excited to put his "felt ornaments on the tree. Grandma E. made them especially for gavin.

Brianna is so sad that she just broke a favorite glass ornament

Cara, Danae and Brianna. Aren't they sweet.

Brice looking very sneeky while putting on his ornaments

Hey kids, lets take a nice Christmas picture of the 3 of you, OK everyone smile ,on three.


  1. ahha, we are special children, I am very sad about my ornament, and I like Gran's felt ornament, which is why I put up my felt chicken this year again.

  2. felt is making a come-back. Didn't you know? It's the new thing. EVERYBODY'S doing it! My house is gonna be made of felt. I WILL BE THE FELT GODDESS!!!

  3. you totally stole my idea Kelsey, grr.