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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just stuff......

I warn you this will be a very random blog of very uninteresting things to read.
  • Yeaterday our front tree was full of leaves, this morning they are all laying on my beautifully mowed lawn. My yard now looks orange and yellow instead of green.
  • Monday night i layed in bed till 2:30am, not really sleeping, it was miserable, AGAIN....Tuesday night I layed awake until about 2:30am and then had to get up at 5:40am for work......do the homework, I got 3 hours of sleep. (then went to work) Last night, I think it was more like 1:00am before I fell asleep. Well guess what...... I woke up at 10:20 this morning...... Do you think I needed the sleep. I felt a little bit like a slacker, but it felt so good to catch up on sleep. I guess I got my days and nights mixed up.
  • Brice is coming home this weekend...yip and Jenny too....double yip. Brice got a job, but I'll let him tell you about it. (the ones that care)
  • Brianna's not coming home :( unless she surprises me ? Hee hee. Sorry Brie, I couldnt help say that. You know I want you home everyday, but I know You got lot's of crazy stuff coming up, and it's stuff that wouldnt get done at home :( Besides......your sheets arent washed. EEEEEPp.
  • I spent 3 hours on-line last night looking for the best deal on Timberwolves tickets for the boys. They are going to the game next Tueday. They'll be in the "nose bleed" section, but I'll send plenty of tissues.
  • I got the house cleaned this week, I consider that an accomplishment. Yay for clean toilets. YUK,YUK,YUK
  • I visited my sis-in-law, cindy at her KIOSK in the mall on Tuesday, She bought me a coffee and we visited. She sells beautiful etched crystals, you gotta see them. Her location is just outside "Spencers" and the "Musicbox store". Go check um out.
  • Man.....i got to get going around here and get some stuff accomplished, I slept so late that the day is almost over. Now, I dont think it was worth it. Dang it.


  1. you can sleep in, it's ok. I wanna come home, but like you said, lots of stuff to do :( love you!!

  2. Your lucky you can sleep in til 10:30. I jump for joy if I can sleep in til 5:30.

  3. I liked the nosebleed/tissue comment. It made me LOL!