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Friday, November 04, 2005

Refreshed in HIm

Thought to Ponder
Ahhhhhhh there's nothing like that cool refreshing feeling your mouth feels when you pop that little, itty bitty breath mints in your dry, parched mouth.
God's word is like a big gigantic breath mint,and it offers daily refreshment to those who consume it.
Do you have those days where you are just famished? You feel useless and stagnant (i think that's a word). Well Guess what....God can lift you up. If you ask him, He will REFRESH your spirit, at no charge, yep that's right......It's Free.
So, whenever you see a breath mint (Probably in the checkout line), Let it remind you that Christ can offer you refreshment from your burdens, He can renew you strength and revive your weary soul :)
"Let me have joy from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in the Lord"
Philemon 1:20


  1. hehee, that's cool mom, and true to that.

    Thanks for coming to visit me today!

  2. i went to brice's ghetto apartment tonight. i was picturing that it was in a much worse neighborhood, but he seems to be in a fine area! :-) i'm coming to rochester tomorrow!!!

  3. can you juggle the mints on your toung like the gal on TV?