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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Warm and Toasty

I love my fireplace after the sun goes down and I've become a freezing icecube (but I still love winter)
Gavin, Rick and I just returned from Narnia. I really enjoyed it and i pretty much bit off any remnants of finger nails that I might have had before the movie. You might say the movie has alot of suspence.
I had a lovely weekend. Friday and Saturday we watched Gavin play in his first Basketball games of the season. We wont talk about how the games turned out. Lets just say the boys need some work. Good job gavin, you done good :)
Saturday evening we had our annual Hemmer family Progressive dinner. It was fun as always, with lots of good food. It was a little sad that Ryan and Brice weren't there, we really missed them. Brianna came home from college and Chris was able to join us...YIP, we ate lots of good food. Today we went to church and then to the mall for lunch. Holly and Jake came to our church and then to the mall and had lunch with us. Brianna had to go back to school for a day, she'll be back on Tuesday for about a month...cant wait. Now it's bed time, I'm tired but nice and warm from the fire. Hope you all have a lovely week. All you school buddies, good luck on your finals....I'll be praying for ya'alls.


  1. That looks nice. My feet are cold.

  2. Pretty Picture! Hope the decorating is going well...or maybe just going. Depends on how far you are:) Have a lovely week!

  3. i love the picture your just to dang cute!

  4. hehehe, finally could get through to your blog. I heard the progressive dinner went pretty well. I know you brought me some left-overs, but I got too many goodies to eat up myself, so thanks anyway ;) Good to see ya tonight:)