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Friday, January 27, 2006

Doesnt everyone still have their house decorated for Christmas???

It's only 12:15pm and what a lovely day I've had thus far, I know you are all saying, "tell me about your day so far jackie" Ok.....I will

Well, first of all Brianna stopped in for a short visit last night but then decided that she would be too tired to drive back to Winona, sooooooooo I got to get up at 6:00am today to say goodbye and give hugs and kisses, I told her I would call her in 40 minutes (when I get up with Gavin) to chat with her as she drives, incase she got sleepy. Sooooooooo, we chatted till she got to the Hwy 43 exit, cuz then cell phone reception starts to get all shifty. So that's how I got to start my day, YIP.

Then I had "coffee" with my dear friend Julie W. She is a lovely friend and we had a good chat. We always seem to have the biggest laughs togther. Those heart to heart friend talks are so good for the soul.

Then I called "City Looks" on the way back home because I spontaneously decided I needed a haircut. (Blah I hate my hair) I couldnt get in with my regular lady(imagine that....not being able to fit me in on the spur of the moment, what kind of hairdresser is she anyway.) So I opted to try just any old cutter. Her name is Mary and she's a "level 4" stylist, so she's gotta be good...right. Besides, she's got my mom's name, she must be good!!!!!

I had a short, but sweet visit with My friend kelsey( actually she's my friends kid, but she's still my friend) Aahhhhhhhhhh yes...... kelsey and I have had some interesting conversations in our years of knowing each other, havent we Kelsey :)
Anyway, kelsey I know you'll be reading this and you know I think the world of you.
Later dawg

So now I'm having some left over Chinese for lunch and will soon depart for my haircut appointment.

This afternoon I get to go watch my brilliant son (Gavin) play Basketball against Mankato East, it should be a good game. Tonight I will head over to the church to hang out with the high school kids. Unfortuantley we meet about the same time I would probably go to bed. I'm sure I wont have any trouble staying awake once I'm there. I Love those kiddo's :)

So tomorrow I have big plans, It will actually be a major accomplishment for me...... I will be putting my Christmas decorations away. Kelsey had a very perplexed look on her face today when she stopped in(and saw that the house was decorated for Christmas) so I had to explain to her that i have full intentions of getting the stuff put away before it becomes February.

I could use some encouraging words....a little cheer or any kind of motivation that would put me in the mood to disassembly this Holiday scene.


  1. I still have Christmas decorations up in my room.

  2. it's true, she does.
    Ok Mom, I know you can do this, you just let yourself decide not to. This is what I would do, take everything down first, then put it away. It seems longer if you take down one area, put it away, take down another, and so on. By taking everything down first, you have to finish, because otherwise you'd have Christmas stuff all over the floor and Dad and Gavin would trample it. Put on a good cd and get to it lady! Gotta do it, as Chris would say.
    Love you!!!

  3. I like how Gran and I commented a minute apart from each other!

  4. Get with the program. Get them there decorations put away now. Get them in their boxes so they won't collect dust. There I gave the push you need.Get with it.

  5. I would say the +40 degrees would be enough motivation! ...but that's just ME talking. Ha! Good luck!

  6. heheh. I didn't know I had a "perplexed" look, as you call it, but I definetly noticed the christmas "air" that was still hanging out at the Hemmer House! hhehe. I had a great time talking to you too, and I love the conversations we have. Mexico is a time I will never forget. Friday almost came close....almost...