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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Well I spent all afternoon yesterday shopping with my friend Diane. A had a decent amount of cash(which was a gift) burning a hole in my pocket and I went on the search for jewlery, preferrably a ring/rings. Well I had a blast looking and found several beautiful rings. I ended up with the two below. They are both Sapphire's. One Blue with diamonds and the other a Green Sapphire with diamonds. They are quite supurb and I really like them.
So i guess that was pretty fun.


  1. I think you should let me handle your money. You have enough rings. I would put the money in an account for you so it could groww.

  2. Oh gran, that is such mother thing to say...i hate to break it to you, but your daughter is an adult now. She can do whatever she likes with her money. And i LOVE the rings you bought...i'm in love with the green one! I don't like gold so much, but that ring is GORGEOUS! i like it lots! and besides, who doesn't like to pick out jewlery for themselves..Gran, you're jealous aren't you? (maybe some day you can have a new ring too!)

  3. I know a good use for your money- You could send it to your friend Kelsey who could go and buy food because she is so poor she is out on the streets! Instead, you have to buy rings... hehehe. Just kidding about the streets... It's too cold out there. Pretty Bird

  4. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I LOVE the green one...it is Bee-autiful!!! So did you win the lottery or something???? Fun, fun for you to get to shop!