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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bragging rights

Alright, If I'm gonna blog about one of my cute nieces then I must brag about the rest cuz they are all so very special, and I love them all.
This is Alexandra, she is almost 12 and she's very cool cuz she plays fast-pitch softball like her aunties. She is also a gymnast,(unlike her aunties). She's a cutie and we dont get to see her near enough.
This is Kellie and Jill. The only nieces on the Hemmer side. Oh how I love these two girls. I am privledged to see them atleast weekly :) They are a joy.
Kellie (left), is a leftie :) and is an outstanding gymnast, she's a smart cookie and most agree she and Brie could be look-alike sisters. Kellie is a brides maid in Brie's wedding.
Jill (right) is a sweetie, and very funny. She is also one smart cookie and has landed a part in the chior in her school play......yay for Jillian. Jill is a personal attendant for Brianna, and I know she'll keep Brianna in-line on her wedding day.

This is MJ (megan). She is my Eldest niece and just 3 1/2 months older than brianna. Megan is a student at St. Mary's in Winona and is multi talented in the performing arts. She will be one of Brianna's brides maids. She's a funny one and we like to chat on-line :)
I'm such a lucky auntie


  1. cute blog...I love my girl cousins, yipyip.

  2. Yes, you have good neices!

    Least i don't have a box chest in this pic...they actually look normal, i feel my chest is represented well in this picture as compared to the pics of me in the periwinkle dress...hahaha..enougha bout that!


  3. Very cute girls. I'm proud to be some of them's granny. Is the wedding here yet???