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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Diet coke = frequent runs to the bathroom

So, Gavin overslept this morning, therefore I took him to school. We stopped at McDonald's for a little breakfast and I got my favorite Morning beverage.... DIET COKE. There's just a peace that surrounds me when I take that first swig, "indescribable".
I'm very excited for this day. I bet you all want me to tell you about it. First I get to have lunch with my Mom at Panera, so that'll be a fun time. eep I might get to see my niece MJ at some point, not sure yet, but hopefully i will. Then to my surprise Both of my college kids are coming home today to start a long weekend. yip. It's a very odd thing though because Friday night we are going to Winona to watch gavin play BB then and Saturday we are heading to the cities to watch kellie at the state meet. So our kids will be home in Rochester and we'll be in their college towns....go figure. Oh well, I think we'll still get to see enough of each other. Yay for kids coming home.
Tonight we get to go watch Gavin's team "smoke" JM. Gooooooooooooooo Panther's.
Well I guess that's about all for now. When I think of something REAL exciting I will blog again.


  1. Not fair brice didn't tell me he was going home...thats okay though! Sounds like a fund ay!

  2. i saw you aj i saw you!!!! yaya...thanks for playing!