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Monday, February 06, 2006

Fun Fun Fun.... all in one weekend

Somebody is 22..... Where'd my little girl go?

Fun.... presents
What a weekend..... It was fast but fun all at the same time. Brianna came home and seems like a million things went on. The fun part for me was watching her and her bridesmaids search for just the right bridesmaid dress for the wedding. They found one that they all liked and it looked beautiful on everyone of them. We got lots of fun pictures and had a good time.
Yesterday we also had a birthday party for Brianna. Lots and Lots of peeps came, it really was fun. The superbowl was on so that was some added entertainment, especially for the guys. My dear Friend Cheri provided me with a "pulled chicken recipie" for yummy snadwiches (thanks cheri) and my awesome sis-in-law julie, baked up a favorite cake, which made my Saturday a little less hectic. (Thanks Julie)
I won't go on and on about the weekend, so that Brianna has a little to tell about also.(since I know we have people that read both of our blogs), but it was fun.
We missed not having brice and Ryan here...darn that college anyway :)
Michelle, Cindy and Jamey were also missed.
Brianna left this morning to head back to school, I miss her already. sigh


  1. fun fun! I'm glad she found bridesmaid dresses that everyone liked. I hope it went better than mine... it was getting a little discouraging at one point, but it all worked out well! heheh.

  2. I miss my mom!!! wahhhhh. Heehee, cute blog. Thanks for the fun weekend!!! love you!

  3. I miss everyone waaahhhhhh.

  4. But I did get to participate in the big Ear Piercing Event just prior to the party so that was a lot of fun! Yeah...she looks beautiful!