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Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm in a random mood right now and I'm freezing cuz I'm sitting at the computer and I always get cold if I sit too long.
Today I went to lunch with my dad at Carlos O' Kelly's, It was yummy. I'm not a big mexican food fan but it was good. I went with the chicken enchilada. There were more onions than I could eat, so i pushed the excess to the side of my plate.

This morning I had some bizzare dreams and they were all about Brianna's wedding. Don't ask..... the dreams were just weird. Lets just say, I'm glad I woke up and realized i was dreaming.

I went shopping on-line for Gavin birthday, and I'm done, Yip. His birthday isnt till March 16, but I wanted to make sure the stuff was shipped here by his b-day. He will be happy with his gifts. I cant wait. eep

Last night I got an intense foot rub from Rick..... I told him several days ago that I wanted a foot rub for Valentines day, I hope he doesnt think the foot rub last night counted for Valentines day. He WILL give me another foot rub tomorrow is his life depends on it.

A full sized school bus just drove down our culdesac...WOW, I guess he's really lost.

I have nothing to say anymore I should rest for a few minutes till it's time to go get Gavin from Basketball practice. Maybe I'll see what Oprah's talking about. Later


  1. lol, I love how the bus came down the cul-de-sac, I wanna see that, doesn't seem like it could turn around. I also wanna know what the dreams were about!

  2. You must clear your mind before you go to bed so you don't have that kind of dreams. As you are falling asleep repeat "I will have beautiful dreams only."

  3. I once had a dream about my wedding even before I was engaged to Jeff. It was creepy! It was all in black, I was wearing black, and it was in a huge stadium with people chanting and fire burning. It was like I was in a cult. Can you believe how happy I was to wake up that morning? hehehe