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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yay Kellie.....You go girl

Congratulations Kellie
Yes, for those of you who have'nt heard, my niece Kellie is a STAR, "Woop Woop"
Kellie has qualified to go to the Minnesota State Gymnastic Meet on Feb 25th.
She was also featured as, KAAL's "female prep Athlete of the week" last week.
Kellie is an amazing athlete who was able to block out the pain of a freshly injured ankle and compete in the Section Meet this last Friday night. Despite her injury she prevailed, grit her teeth and qualified for the State Meet in two events, Vault and Floor. YIP
~Good Luck at State~
***Prayers are going out for a rapid healing of that little ankle of yours.***


  1. Yay for Kellie! I'm so proud of you! I will pray for things to go well, that your ankle will be good to go. But even if you fall 20 times on floor or accidentally do a front handspring vault, I will still be proud of you, heehee.

  2. Good luck Kellie. You show them girl.

  3. Wow...way to go Kellie...get em tiger!

  4. Christoph12:07 AM

    yea, yea, that's my cuzzin' from another mother...or something like that, anyways good luck at state, whoot, whoot.

  5. aren't all cousins from a different mother? hehehe. Good luck Kelly! That's quite an accomplishment!