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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Elphaba rules

Above al the tall buildings. Thats what it looked like fro Brie and I on the 94th floor of te John Hancock Building. It was crazy, I felt kind of Nauseous.

Brie and I had a scrumptious meal at a place called Giodano's. Yum Yum

We went shopping at "Tiffany's", after I took the picture a man came charging at me and informed me I couldnt take pictures in the store, Oh.......oops :)

Brianna just being wierd...... she's very "special"

We went to "WICKED" I just loved it. Elphaba is my hero and I will someday be a cool as her.


  1. you're already as cool as elphaba. I know that i'm "special" but so are you and also, that restaurant picture is really cool! you just know that table cloth picture would come in handy!

  2. You are both "Wickely" Cool!