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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My pretty tree picture.....and stuff

I took this picture cuz I thought it looked kinda cool. Posted by Picasa
Today was a long and interesting day. Word of advice......dont eva eva schedule a tooth extraction for kids while they're in college. Yes, Brianna has had a wonderful time trying to recouperate following her wisdom teeth surgery. Today, since it was her 5th post-op day and she was still having intense pain on the left side, I decided to call and get her back in to the clinic to see somebody. It went fairly well until the Doctor irrigated the hole in her mouth which about sent her flying through the roof (and we were on the 12th floor). Poor girl, her words were, "I've never felt that much pain in my life". So now I guess she's suppose to feel better,(which she does), but tomorrow gets to go back and have that done again. The helper lady says it wont hurt that bad tomorrow. She's a trooper though, only 1 tear was shed. It's just all so crazy.
We went clothes shopping for Brice today. We found a few items so that's a good thing. Of course everything I liked...he didnt. Oh well.
Went to youth group tonight, Katie C. and I whooped the pants off Jill H. and Julie T. in a game of fooseball. Yep, the old lady still has the touch. I might add Katie is an awesome goal tender.
Tomorrow morning I work the dreaded early shift, which means I must be up by 4:30am. Oh man sombody just shoot me now...... I'm going to bed.


  1. poor pickle. i neva had a dry socket...but i feel bad for pickle.

    of course brice didn't like the things you did, it's a kid's job to be fickle.

  2. Mama, don't go to work, you deserve to sleep! Thanks for coming wit me to the docta'