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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Singing a love song

You should only read this if you care........
Nice picture of myself, pretending to sing in the car on my way home from the cities today.
Yesterday I arrived at my sister's house at 10:15am. I went up to "chill" with the kids in the evening.
Jensen , (my niece), Jodi (my sister) and I had a little girls, "afternoon out". First we went to David's Bridal to check out flower girl dresses. It took quite a lot of coaxing to get Jens to try the dresses on, but she finally did and she was adorable in all of them. Then we walked a few steps to "Chuckie Cheese" pizza and had lunch. I watched Jensen play lots of games and go on the little rides. Then we went home and got Jensen ready for Dance. We got there and she pretty much decided she wasnt gonna participate. So that was fun, huh Jodi.
We went back to the house. Jodi and I had some time to visit while Jensen spent some quality time in her room. Then Sam and Darin (nephew and Bro-in-law) came home. I sent Jodi and Darin away for the evening and me and the kids hung out. We had mac and cheese (with ketchup for Jensen) hot dogs, mixed veggies and milk. It was rather yummy if I do say so myself. After supper me and the kids watched "home alone" and then played puzzles and "Zingo" til it was time for Jensen AND Sam (wink wink) to go to bed. Sam faked going to bed while I put Jens to bed. Then Sam and I read books and played battle ship. The parents came home, and Sam really went to bed. Then us adults watched the taped version of "American Idol", ate Cheeto's and drank water. Then we went to bed.
This morning I had a cute little girl come snuggle with me. Jodi and Darin went to work, me and the kids hung out some more. Jens ate frozen pancakes with butter and syrup. Sam had warm pancakes. We played "zingo" and puzzles again, then I took Jens to day care and Sam to school.
I then proceeded north on Hwy 169 to McDonald's to get a LARGE diet coke. WHEW!!!
We had exciting news today.....My flowergirl had her second baby girl (did I mention my flowergirl is 30? Hee Hee) Boy that make me feel ancient. Anyway they named her Grace Mae, I will hopefully see her tomorrow when I go to work. Holly's had the baby 13 minutes after she got tho the hospital, WOW.....no epidural for you girlfriend. Congrats Holly, Jake and Hannah.
Now I'm beat and need to go to bed, my head is pounding and I need to take some pills.


  1. hehehe. FUN DAY! I like babies. Can't wait 'till I get me some

  2. To make Jackie's day end with a pleasentending she forgot to say she was blessed with a visit from her MOTHER.

  3. Take Me Hoooome! Country Rooooads!
    Jackie...you make me laugh histarically!! Sing yer heart out honey!!

  4. Cindy you cracked me up with the whole "country roads, take me home" thing. You are indeed the funny one.