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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My saturday thus far....

Happy April 1st ya alls. I was gonna play an April fools joke on you but...... I get nervous for the person reading it, that they will really belive me. Even If it's just for only a second that you believe it, I can stand it so I decided not to do it.
For the most part it's been a lovely Saturday. We have Brianna home, but it does'nt really seem like it cuz she has to work both Friday night and tonight 7pm - 7:30am, then she comes home and sleeps all day and we have to be very very quiet, so we dont wake the sleeping beauty. Poor little girl, all off schedule......Me NO likey. She shall awaken from her slumber soon and I will have some time to talk her ear off. I think I will make her favorite supper tonight, Meatloaf and potato's yum yum. I'm kinda hoping Christopher will be able to join us since he somehow has the day off......RANDOM.
Our darling Brice called us this afternoon and Rick & I spoke to him on the speaker phone. He seems to be having a problem......He has his days and nights mixed up on the weekends. He's had so much homework but the problem (I think) is that he is starting it late, Therefore he is up all night till about 5:30am. Then he crawls into bed and wakes up about 10am, but then goes back to bed till about 3pm. Then by the time he eats, stretchs, watches a little TV, check mail Etc, it's time to start the whole process over again. He also tells me he has been going out for a jog frequently around 3AM. Yes 3 in the morning in St. Paul. I'm sure glad God has a watchful eye over this child, cuz if I believed that only I could protect him or be responsible for his randomness, i think I'd be a raging loonatic. Oh Brice you are truly a "special" one.
Gavin and Rick are out doing some sort of activity...probably throwing discus or something to that nature. I have all kinds of plans for today, some I have accomplished, some I may never. The sun is shining at the moment and Brianna has crwled out of her coccoon, so we have decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air. I like that idea.


  1. Jacqueline Kay! You MUST tell that Oldest Son of yours that his Auntie is DEATHLY worried about his jogging at 3:00 AM!! Why tempt fate? There are too many areas in the big city of St. Paul that are very dangerous! If you read this Bricey...you listen to your Auntie C...You hear me?!

  2. Ditto from granny.now you listen bricy.

  3. Brice...Bring a bat...You're fine!

    that time of day is the greatest for thinking. It's inspiring and refreshing. So peaceful and calm...it's the way things should be. Try being awake and outside at 3am sometime Mom...it's amazing. it's good alone time to think...things become clear.

  4. I run everyday at 3 as well, every single day.

  5. Me too Brianna. we should run together when you're home