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Friday, May 05, 2006

Hats off to you BRIANNA

Thursday night was the "Pinning ceremony". Brianna received her nursing pin from WSU. It was a nice program which involved the students and their professors. Rick and I got to meet all Brianna's close nursing buddies and we talked with all her favorite teachers. We had a nice reception following the program, then the 3 of us went to Green mill for supper.
Today Rick, Brice, Gavin, Cara and I headed over to the big graduation ceremony. We stopped by St. Mary's University and picked up Megan, then met Chris, Susan and the Grandparents at the ceremony. Brianna's friends Casey, Kelsey and Heather also came to see Brianna walk across the big stage and receive her diploma.
It was a very long program (as graduations usually are) but we made it through. We took lots of pictures and then headed to Culv's in Winona. That was of course a grand time, yay for Brianna you done good :)
Brianna We are so proud of the awesome young lady you have become. You have accomplished so much, and I know it wont stop today. I'm excited for your future as a nurse, you will be an excellent one indeed.


  1. Awww..thanks mama. It was a super fun day that went too fast! I felt so loved that everyone came, it was so fun to see everyone. Thanks for everything mom and dad, coudn't have done it with out ya!

    Love you!!!! And awesome pictures by the way, I love them!

  2. I am sooo proud of Brie as well...however, sad at the same time...she will no longer be able to be my roomie and I will miss that! But you raised a good one there...good job !!! hehehe