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Monday, October 15, 2007

Football and the harvest

I dont feel like I have much to write about, but I feel the need to "blog"
We went to the Century football game on Friday night. It was a great homecoming game and Century won. Still undefeated in the conference, Yeah.
It's so cool that gavin has been able to be a part of a winning season. He played quite a bit Friday night, and we got to hear his name announced for 2 tackles (that's a big deal t me). Unfortunatly Gavin injured his thumb in the game and now is in alot of pain.
We will have an appointment with sports medicine tomorrow to get the verdict. It's either broke or sprained....either way it's not good. It's the same thumb he broke 3 yrs ago (also in a football game). Gavin is hoping that they can at least rig-up something to put on his thumb so he can play Wednesday in the big game against Mayo. Ok ...enough about Gavin and his thumb.
Oh, but I have a few pictures to share of Gavin
That's Gavin in the middle snapping the ball
Taking a break between plays ( Gavin in the middle on his knee)
I decided to throw a random picture in here.
I love the harvest.....I wanna be on that machine...I think its a combine.


  1. I think you should go on that machine, heehee. I wonder if I should go to the Mayo game....could be fun..

  2. Nice pictures JK but it,s a corn picker. Your Mother knows.

  3. whitney and eir and i called gavin the other night to remind him that we love him. :-)

    i hope his thumb's ok!

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