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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monday thru Wednesday

I'm actually on vacation this week and so far sooooooo fun :)
Here's the fun I've had so far...
Monday... I did some shopping, didn't find much but I still had fun. I made a spur of the moment decision to get my hair cut (cuz it was driving me crazy). I really like it. I went to a random girl at "City Looks", I may need to return to her again. Monday night Rick and I decided to go to a movie, we saw "Brave One "with Jodi Foster. We really liked it.
So that was Monday.
Tuesday... I got up early to work out, then headed up to the cities to have lunch with my dear friend Denise. It was sooooo nice to catch up with her. Our time is always too short, but we sure get alot covered. We used to be next door neighbors and became quite close. I'm glad we still keep in contact through e-mail and lunches. Thanks for hanging with me my friend...
I headed back for Roch cuz we had a dinner to attend for employees of Mayo clininc who have worked 25 yrs or more. It was very nice. Following the dinner they put on a variety show with the host being "Ed Sullivan" , it was a great show with lots of laughs.
Wednesday (Today).... ROAD TRIP
Mom, Brianna and I went for a road trip to see what we could see.... Didnt really have a plan, we always enjoy trying to find "Color" this time of year, but we didn't find alot of that. We headed south landing first in Lansboro, we found a few cute shops like the one below...
We found a cute little diner to have lunch then it was back on the road again
(I think that's a song)
Somewhere after Grand meadow and before Spring Valley, we lost Brianna..... She never has been able to stay awake in the car....silly girl
Brianna woke up just as we pulled into "Alco" a little store in
Spring Valley that my Mom enjoys going to.
On the road again we saw some great country side.....
An Amish man and his horse (always cool to see) and
I thought the field was interesting ( the picture doesnt do it justice)
We finally crossed the Iowa Minnesota border and ended up in St. Ansgar. I love that little town. We went to 2 neat shops and Mom bought me my Birthday present in one of them. The House below is actually one of those shops, rooms and rooms full of fun.

We did see a little color so I thought I'd take a picture to prove (nothing too exciting)
Before we left St. Ansgar, Brianna and I played at a real park...the old fashion kind
A real merry-go-round, YEA.... I got a little dizzy, Brianna pushed me too hard.

It was such a fun day.... only one mistake on directions..... When we got to Osage Iowa, I looked at mom and said, "I dont remember seeing Osage on the way here", she laughed and said, " Yah, I thought you turned the wrong way back there"...... Ok Mom...next time let me know before I get 10 miles off course. Oh the memories we make on these little road trip. It was Brianna's 1st with mom and I. I loved having her along, Hopefully we will have many many more. Thanks guys


  1. OH what a fun trip with mom and gran, I was so glad to be invited! It's like I've come of age and am allowed to come. I didn't mean to sleep, it just happened! I love the pictures. Silly mama on the meery go round, heehee. Love you!

  2. It was great fun. Today I know I ate Chili for lunch yesterday. They da BOMBS. Today I go see Dr Nick to get my Hum-de-dumb worked on. Fun Fun Fun

  3. Sleepy Brianna. Looks like a great trip with the ladies of the family.

  4. Anonymous7:04 PM

    i LOVE that last picture of you and brianna!! love, whit :)