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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Party pics

Saturday we celebrated Rick and Brice's birthday.

Lots of family showed up so it was delightful.

Below are a few pics for you to enjoy.

Brice and his 80 gig I-pod.

It was fun getting him something special for his 21st birthday


The boys.....celebrating


Yeah.....Cara (Brianna's maid of honor) was home from college and came down to hang with us for a bit. ( Cara thanks for sharing your limited time with us)


A little hodge-podge of pictures from the party.

(top left and clockwise) Logan and Brice, Jillian, Chris and Brianna, Susan(rick's sis) and her hubby Denny, Gavina nd logan swinging, Brice and Jenny.


Tonight Rick and I, joined Brice and Jenny and her parents for a lovely supper at B&B pizzaria. We always have a good time, chit chatting. Brice left shortly after 8:00pm to go back to St.Paul, as always I miss him already. We had such a nice weekend together so I'm thankful for that :)


  1. Good food and lots of laughs.

  2. I love our girls friendship!
    (I love our friendship more....so good to be "real" and myself with you!)