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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

70 and looking good......

Today my awesome mom is 70.
You would never know it though. She looks like one hot momma and works out 3 times a week.
You da bomb mom.

Me and mom hung out today. here's a picture of mom in the purse department at Kohl's, She got herself a new bag, Very nice bag mom. We tried on some clothes and got a few Christmas presents.

Here's me trying in sunglasses while mom's scoping out the purses.


On the way home I saw some snowflakes which brought an immediate smile to my face.


  1. #1 son5:48 PM

    Happy Birthday Mom. I was at Kohls today too. Had to pick up some swim trunks for next week.
    Woo Hoo She's 70!

  2. Thanks for the fun shopping and lunch.