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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I havent posted for quite awhile (5 days is a long time for me anyway) I have 4 consecutive blogs below for your reading pleasure, so dont forget to scroll down to read them all. It all started with last Wed. evening and ends with today (sunday). WHEW

Wednesday Night to Friday Morning 37.5 hours of the dreaded CALL SHIFTS.....

I had been fretting this On-call (Thanksgiving Holiday) for months. It was my 1st "alone" on-call since starting my job in March. Well pretty much my nightmare came to reality at 2:30am Thursday Morning....I get a call from Dr G... "hi Jackie This is Dr. G, sorry to have to call you. We have a man that has been ejected from his car and ran over twice. He has a grade 4 Liver laceration and is bleeding, We need him on the table in 1/2 hours....See you there" WOW....nothing like throwing me right into the fire.
Thing did not go well, Our big X-ray machine decided not to work after we had the patient sterily prepped. So we had to move him and a million tube and wires to a completely differnt room. That was chaotic, I couldnt get plugs to fit into monitors.... I lost all my important phone number and stuff like that cuz I was no longer in the "call room". The guy puked all over the floor and it splattered...yuk
I got home from that fiasco at about 6am and of course couldnt sleep (things going through my head like crazy). Fell asleep sometime after 7am and woke up at 10:30 to get ready to go to mom's for Thanksgiving. It was nice to see all the peeps there and the food was fabulous as usual.
Just as My sister and I were leaving for a Kwik trip pop at 2:45p, my cell phone rang and it was Lovely Dr. G again, this time wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving, and regrettng to call me in again. Arggghhhhhh, It was a much more easy case this time, and I was back to mom's by 5:30.
I went to bed at 10:30pm and was rudely awoken again at 12;30 am Friday morning by sweet Dr.G . At this point I wish I had a gun....I would have tooken it to my head, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I got back home about 3:00am, I couldnt sleep again, last time I saw the time it was 4:15am. So I was back up at 6:15a so I could be back to work at 7:30 for my regular shift.


  1. Good God in Heaven Jackie!! How do you do it?!! I woulda crashed!