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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is it snowing yet ???

OK.......So here's the deal
You all know I LOVE winter,Right!!! We'll I must confess something to you so you dont think I'm changing my mind, cuz I havent. I've come to realize that I love winter(or late fall) in the daylight. After the sun goes down I suddenly turn into an ice cube, I feel chilled to the bone and shake... Like in the picture below. Notice the floral night gown and Wool socks (that dont match). Do I look cold enough to you? and this is AFTER I took a Steaming hot shower. So I love the snow(Love it) and cant wait for it, but in the evening when the sun goes down, I FREEZE....to death
Below is a picture of me in the daylight.....same day but daylight. Notice the leasurly look on my face. It's a look of contentment and pure joy knowing that Winter will soon be upon us. No coat, not even any socks, just me and the fall like day enjoying every minute of it until the bloody dark comes upon me....jeeesh
Taking a break after raking the front yard. All the leaves dropped of the big tree in the front yard this morning. The whole yard was covered, it was pretty, but I thought I should clean them up before they all blew into the neightbors yards.

All my piles
Other things I did today..... Sat at Panera with a cup of coffee reading about how Jesus loves me...this I know. Went to Walmart and bought a bunch of fun stuff to send Brice a "care package", (did I ever mention how much I miss him?) Picked up Brianna and we had lunch at Wendy's, It was fun to hang out with my favorite daughter. Came home for awhile, then decided to do the raking thing. Gavin came home from school with Andrew and I watched them play some hoops in the driveway. Gavin helped me bag the leaves. Came in the house, by now it's getting darkish out and I began to feel chilled, so on came the fireplace.
Rick and I decided to go to Fiesta Mexicana for supper, which was yummy, but I couldnt get warm( it didnt help that I was sipping on diet coke). When my teeth started chattering and I could no longer talk we decided to leave. With Heater on Full throttle I did eventually warm up, so there's my day, It really was a lovely day. Oh and I talked to mom on the phone for a while, .... I still love winter.


  1. The apple don't fall far from the tree. You sound like me. I'm perty much ok durning the day ,but let the sun sink behind the hill and I am an Ice berg. I have to wear a sweater all day. I don't think our furnace knows what heat is. The stat reads 70 in here but it feels like 30 below. But I like winter too.

  2. Ok....out with it....how do you go to Wendy's AND Fiesta Mexicana and still manage to lose weight????? I'm jealous.