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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A mindless job is what would be best for me right now

No pictures.....just a short note about my weekend, nothing too thrilling....

Lets see... Friday night I worked an hour of over-time. I was tired and just wanted to be fed so we went to Glynner's. It was yummy. Came home and went to bed rather early, cuz I was pooped.
( oh yeah, Brice called so I talked to him for a bit, it was good to hear his voice and catch up on what's he's been up to)

Saturday morning I went to work out at "Curves" . I got home and decided to mow the yard, cuz it needed it. Rick , Gavin and I had a little lunch then headed over to the neighbors house (an older couple) to rake their yard. It took us about 2 hours to rake and bag the leaves. Vince and Marian were very happy to have that job done. We on the other hand were happy to help them out. Saturday night Rick and I went to "American Gangster", it was a good show and based on a true story ( I always like those ones)

Sunday (today) Was the same as most. I had my small group of high school girls, then off to church. After Church we headed to the mall for lunch. Our Friends Kirk and Cheri found us and sat for a bit, good to see you guys, next time come eat with us :) The afternoon was quiet... I had a bit of a headache so I layed down for a awhile. Later, I called Brianna and chatted with her. I did some stuff on the internet and sat outside and read the paper. Rick and I decided to go spy on Gavin for a while at Taco bell, he's so funny and trys to be so professional when he takes our orders. Ha, what a goof. We then went over to Target to walk around and look at stuff. Ended up getting 2 boxes of Kleenex and some face wash. We are very exciting people i tell ya. Now it's almost 9 and i'm getting ready to fold some clothes, Rick is reading his book and I just heard the garage door go up. I guess that means Gavin got off an hour early. Whoop

Tomorrow I work at 7:00am sigh...... Lately I've kinda been bogged down about work, it's not that I hate it, it's just that I dont want to be there, and yes...I only work 3 days a week, but that's 3 days too many. I'm kind of wanting a mindless job, the kind where you go and do your thing and come home, NO on-call stuff, No late shifts, No grumpy doctors. The patients I take care of are usually pretty sick...They are not hard to care for but usually have depressing prognonsis's. I just want to sit and take blood pressures all day, and give shots, and be done by 4:00 and have hour long breaks, and never be on-call, and and and.......

I'm gonna go fold clothes now, Have a good week my friends.


  1. Thanks for the update mom, it gave me something to do :) I think you pretty much deserve a no-think job by now after all the intense thinking you've done for 25 years :) I am actually already ready for a no-think job. haahaa. Love you and I love your updates :)

  2. Yo in the Hood, Holla