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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update on the blogger picture issue

It's not really and issue or in need of a fix

It's real folks.... 
Not the end of the world, just an inconvienance
For all my blogger friends who also love to post photos (like myself)
 it took me almost 7 years to get to the 1 GB of free storage space
that google gives you, 
so  dont panic....that's alot of pics. 
It wont break the bank either, it's just $5.00 a year for 20 GB
which is way more than you'd probably need in a lifetime.
Sadly you do have to renew the $5.00 every year even though you
would never run out of space from the year before....that's just how it goes.

Bottom line...
I love to blog, it's $5.00 and I can handle that.
Hoping tomorrow I'll be up and running with photo's included  :)


  1. That's good to know because my blog is super picture heavy!

  2. Pretty cheap hobby isn't it?

  3. Yes it is Cheri, nice to have something in our favor :)

  4. Glad you got to the bottom of this delemia

  5. i think you should think of it as a badge of honor: not many people are so faithful with their blogs that they would hit such a limit! you are the REAL DEAL. i'm glad it's only $5, but i know that if it were more, we faithful followers of your blog would have passed around a collection plate!

    you've posted 1GB of photos and been blogging for seven years ... i say CONGRATS!!!

  6. I agree with Jackie S!!!