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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I was sitting outside today, enjoying the beautiful afternoon 
minding my own business...
It was a peaceful afternoon until I began to hear this subtle...
but persistent tap tap tap 

 I looked up to see if I could find the noisemaker
there he sat
 in our big tree

A woodpecker
Funny to see this little guy "pecking" on such small branches,
 not sure what he was trying to accomplish.
I was nice of him to hang out while I ran into the house to get my camera, 
and switch over to my big lens. 
It wasn't until the mob of black bird fly by that this little guy got spooked and flew off.


  1. oh funny, what a confused woodpecker

  2. So cute! I've got a ton of woodpeckers this year. All kinds. They are sure fun.

  3. He was pecking for bugs. You know they are still around.

  4. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Always see a woodpecker outside my window whenever I get up in the morning....
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  5. You should go spend a day with your brother Rick...he's got TONS of critters out in his woods to take photos of.

  6. He's so pretty. I love the bit of red. :)

  7. Male Downy Woodpecker :)
    They stick around all year. Get some suet and feed them!