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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Annual progressive dinner

We were trying to figure out how long our family (on my husbands side)
 has been doing this "progressive dinner", we decided it's been at least 10 years.

None of the kids were married when we started this tradition so in the beginning we were all able to be there. Now, with two sets of married kids living out of town its a little harder for them. We always have a good time traveling to the three Hemmer siblings homes enjoying good food, conversation, laughs and in the end we play a game involving an ornament exchange.
This year things got kind of wild... It's so fun

A few photos to share of our evening

Brianna ( my daughter) & Chris

 My niece Kellie and her fiance Michael

My niece Jill and her boyfriend Travis

First stop, appetizers at Rick's sister house

Everyone's home is so beautifully decorated, here is one of susan's tree's

 On to our house for the main course....
Wild rice soup and sandwiches

 The "Kid" table....they'll always be "the kids"

Some of us adults and granddaughter Audrey

Last, but not least to Rick's brother's home for desserts
 Their upstairs tree

After dessert the ornament exchange game begins
Audrey was very excited to be the first to pick a bag
It took her quiet a while to decide,  she ended up with a pig ornament, she seemed ok with that.

It was a fun night as always, we miss the ones who couldn't make it this year, in less than a week we'll all be together again.... then it'll be everyone, cant wait.


  1. Glad you had a fun time. Sotty Brice and Jenny couldn't make it.

  2. I love this tradition and I like the pics you got. I seriously feel like it's been longer than 10 years!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Your granddaughter looks like a big girl in the last photo:)

  4. how fun to have most your family live near you! This is a great tradition to get to each other's homes over the holidays!