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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Got a "new" book

For my birthday this year my family got me a "Nook"
with a sweet green cover
I never asked for it so it was a big surprise, 
and I love it!

I downloaded my first book, 
it's a book I've been dying to read...
"Out of Oz" by Gregory Maguire 
It's the 4th in the "Wicked" series

Things I love about my "Nook"

*I can make the font larger so I can read without my "readers"
*It can easily be held with one hand
*One swipe of my finger on the screen turns the page.
*Hands-free reading if I want to prop it up to read while I eat lunch.
*Dont even have to leave the house to get a new book
* No need for a book mark... it remembers what page I read last


  1. Glad you like it Mom!

  2. I got my Nook in May and LOVE it! I'm glad you're loving yours too!

    In addition to reading on it, I'm addicted to playing Scrabble. =)

  3. You are spoiled rotten. But then you deserve to be.

  4. i love that. love love love. though i'm kinda curious if i'd really miss having a BOOK. but i can't play games on my books...but i could on a nook! mhmmmmm. i'll have to observe yours next time i see you.

  5. Nate has one and loves it. Kirk reads on his iPad. I've been thinking about getting one. Not sure yet...though I have the $$ saved for one!

  6. I LOVE my reader! It has to be the best invention ever.

    OK maybe that's a bit much but still, they are awesome:)