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Thursday, December 08, 2011

To the "big city" I went

Every December I travel  up to my sister's home in Champlin, MN 
 We have a sister's shopping day.
We always have a great time but the time always goes too fast
first stop...
The "round barn" 
A gifty kind of place,
 a little spendy but fun to look anyway

I told my sister I wanted to go somewhere I had never been for lunch
 Potbelly's is a yummy sandwich and soup place...I'd go again

We spent all after noon shopping then later in the evening we went to 
"The Angel of Hope" candle light healing ceremony
More on that later...
I got to hang out with my niece and nephew Sam & Jensen as well, 
they are growing up to fast, but still have time for aunt Jackie  :)

Next day.....
I felt like such a big girl as I ventured into downtown Minneapolis
 to have lunch with my oldest son Brice.  
He works somewhere in this gigantic building

I had a bit of time to roam the Nicolette mall 
 Bought some Christmas ornaments here.... loved this store.

Downtown is beautiful with all the tall buildings 

 After lunch Brice walked me down a few streets to the big Target store
then he had a meeting to get back for, so we said our good byes
See ya later Brice

 Two story Target

Macy's window display 

I had a great 2 day adventure, now I'm back in safe little old Rochester. 
I like it here, but the cities is still a nice place to visit.


  1. You weren't too far from me when you were at the Round Barn. :) Glad you had a nice time. I don't venture downtown so it was nice to see the decorations!

  2. The indoor/outdoor decorations downtown are sooo pretty! Glad you had a fun lil' adventure :) I'm craving a sandwhich now after I saw the Potbellys sign!

  3. Did you check out the Santa's workshop HUUUUUge display in Macy's? You would have looooved it! Next year for sure!!

  4. Any restaurant called the Potbelly has to be good:)


    i could have come shopping at Target after brice dropped you off. :( I was literally BLOCKS from you.