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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30 years

30 years ago on this date, 
January 11, 1982
I began my nursing career
So many things have changed since then... I've seen so much
New life, death, joy, sadness, disasters, pain, sickness, healing, 
I've developed life long friend ships, and probably made a few enemies. 
I've comforted the grieving, rejoiced with good news, held many hands, hugged, cried, reassured, sat with, delivered good & bad news, walked with parent to see the child who didn't make it through surgery, I've picked people off the floor, sat with families on the floor, started a million IV's, advocated for my patients, used "tough love" when needed. 
I've cleaned up blood, puke and poop, 
given drug, drugs and more drugs. 
Got through things that you only think happen on TV
I've been on the Code team with CPR being second nature, 
 I've had to breath through my mouth when the smells in the room almost put me to the ground. 
I've seen things that I cant disclose, heard things I can't repeat.

My first love is being home,
 I'm so thankful that my sweet husband has supported me in only working half-time while we raised our family, and even though they are adult children he still lets me be half-time... I love having the time to spend with our grandchild.... it works for us  :)

Once I walk in the building, and get into my scrubs, my role changes... I become a nurse.
I really do love what I do.... caring for people who are in need of a smiling face and a little reassurance. 
Sometimes that's all you can offer them.

2 1/2  years Cardiac Surgical ICU
2 1/2  years Neuro Surgical ICU
16  years Emergency room
4  years Recovery room
5 years Interventional Radiology (sedation nurse) 

A nurses prayer.....
Give me strength and wisdom,
When others need my touch
A soothing word to speak to them
Their hearts yearn for so much
Give me joy and laughter 
To lift a weary soul
Pour in me compassion
To make the broken whole
Give me gentle, healing hands
For those left in my care
A blessing to those who need me
This is a nurses prayer
Allison Chambers Coxsey


  1. God bless you for what you do, Jackie. 30 years is a huge milestone.

  2. Congrations for your 30 years of service to people who needed you. That is quiet a span of nurseing

  3. Jackie, you are an angel of mercy to your patients, and an angel of kindness and loveliness to your friends. Congratulations for giving selflessly for 30 years.

  4. I've seen you in action -- you are an amazing nurse and I'm proud to know you. Congrats on 30 years ... that is quite a milestone!

  5. Such a blessing in all ways: getting to do what you love for so many years both at work and at home. You have and continue to bless many! Thank you for your years of service:) (Even if you've never started an IV for me;))

  6. Congratulations Jackie. You are a blessing to others!

  7. Congratulations, AJ! so many people are blessed to have their life in your hands. Love you!