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Thursday, January 05, 2012

January's confused

No need to head south for the winter....

Is this really Minnesota in January?
Did we really just have a snowless Christmas? 
A nativity scene on the brown grass....
A snowman without snow...unacceptable!

We had a record high today of 55 degree
Most of the neighbors were out and about, 
three of us took our outdoor
Christmas lights down and got them put away. 

I'm still waiting on winter....
Tonights sunset on a warm winter's eve


  1. WOW! That sunset is amazing!

  2. Your Dad is loving it. He don't have to reb up the snow blower.

  3. It was a beautiful sunset last night! I watched it setting while riding horseback!.... which wouldn't have happened if we had snow :) I loved the beautiful day we had yesterday and spending 3 hours in it!
    Sorry for your loss -- hehe -- of snow. :)

  4. I walked around my yard in bare feet yesterday when it was 55 degrees! Just sayin...I love this!!