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Sunday, January 15, 2012

update on "the cloud'

Some of my readers have been inquiring about ....the bed

Our new Tempurpedic Cloud

Here's the low-down.  As we were told by many people,
this bed takes a bit of "getting used to"!
The first night was horrific, we both tossed and turned all night,
woke up feeling like a mac truck hit us. 

Two weeks into it, the bed is beginning to break in as we were told it would.
The nights are getting better, Now I'm only waking up once, about 4-5 am.
I usually have to get up and walk around,
 then back to bed I go and can sleep until about 6:30 - 7:00 before
 my back is screaming "get up".  

As far as the back pain goes.... I was having that with the waterbed as well,... only worse.
So I think it's progress in that regard.
 When I used to get out of the waterbed I had all I could do to straighten up...then walk.
With the Tempurpedic, it's an ache but when I get up there is no pain,
and walking is not an issue.

We have decided to give it the 30 days that Tempurpedic recommends,
that's really the only fair way since this bed really needs the "break in" period.
At that time we will decide if we want to climb the ladder of softness and get the next step up, Tempurpedic Supreme or keep our "cloud".

I'm hoping the reviews will hold true and we will
 fall in love with our bed just like so many others have.

Time will tell and we got the time  :) 


  1. Yikes girl ... hope it starts working for you soon!

  2. I do not know if I could be that patient. My back is bad already!