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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Photo shoot

I recently received a call from my sweet niece Jill
It went something like this....

"Jackie, we were wondering if you could take a few pictures of us kids? 
We want to surprise mom & dad with a late Christmas gift".
"We could just come out and stand in front of your pine trees"

My response was immediate glee, I always like to be  part of a surprise. 
but the Pine Trees.... I don't think so, 
We have many alluring area in Rochester to pick from that are so much better than our backyard

So I suggested The Plummer House... a beautiful backdrop 

All the kids were together over Christmas break so that's when we did it
I loved spending time with my Nephew and Nieces and their significant others.


Can you two in the middle pay attention please   :)

My Nephew Ryan and his bride Kate

My Niece Kellie and her Fiance Michael

My Niece Jill and her BF Travis

Thanks for the opportunity guys....love you all


  1. Great job, Jackie. I love that last one.

  2. I love that they asked you, how fun. The picturs are great and I'm sure B & J loved the late xmas present :) You're a great auntie!

  3. Great photos of a great looking family. I, too, love the last one. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  4. Excellent work as usual!

  5. love those photos. nice work AJ! they look fantastic!