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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Dont mess with my bank account

Does anyone hate when a membership card is automatically renewed
 without your permission...
It really really bugs me that someone would
 just assume they have the right to do that.

I regularly look over my bank account to make sure things are "up to snuff" 
 Today I noticed a $25 charge from Barnes & Noble.

My membership card expires this month...
I knew that but had no intention of re-newing it.
I have a NOOK now and the card discount doesn't apply to Nook books, 
so no need for a card.

(I needed to set them straight, I pitied the person on the other end of the line).
as I dialed, I took a couple of deep breaths......
I was very nice to the lady on the other end of the phone, but......
I let it be known that I felt violated and angry
 that B&N thought they had the right to 
 to  renew something
I also told her that they don't have any trouble
sending daily junk mail from B&N 
so I think they could have the decency to send an e mail ASKING
if I'd like to re-new my card.

I asked her to pass along my concerns to the hierarchy,
 and that I was sorry she had to hear me rant and rave.

So there you have it....that's my thoughts on that subject.....just sayin'


  1. It's getting bad that we almost don't have any say to how we pay for things now days. Good for you for calling them on this subject.

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Dear Sister,
    If you want to really be heard send an e-mail to the Top. Your e-mail will then be sent back down the chain of command asking "What is this? Can we afford to anger customers? There is a good chance you'll get a call from a VP Assistant asking how they can help to make it right.

    Emails are first initial & last name @BN.com (BSmith@BN.com)
    At the very least, you'll feel better.


  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Sorry the link got cut off.


  4. Thanks little bro. I appreciate your advice :)

  5. I agree that that sucks. However, having worked at Barnes and Noble, i know it does say in the information, when you purchase the card, that it will be auto-renewed. it's small, fine print. i don't agree that this is fair, and i think you should do what Randy said. Such a dumb rule..and then to hide this fact to customers...they might as well be stealing! Ugh! Sorry that happened to you.