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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mmmmm mmmm Good!

Sunday evenings are usually low key in the "dinner department"
I try to keep it simple, after all it is a day of rest  :)
I've been wanting to try a recipe I spotted on Pintrest 
(Which happens to be from Gina's skinny recipe's web site).

Click above for the recipe

It's actually quite simple and I had all the ingred. in my pantry
Cut up the chicken, toss it in a little olive oil
coat it in the bread crumb & cheese mixture, then bake.
It's that easy! 
I always think of my poor daughter when I'm cutting up chicken
It's something she can hardly stand to do.... it just gross's her out!
Poor girl, but she prevails and does it for the family (proud of you Brie)

The finished nuggets with some seasoned baked fries
It was a hit with da boyz  :)
Rick again told me to put it on the rotation....whoop 

I created a little dipping sauce for the nuggets
 A mixture of ranch dressing and BBQ sauce, it was very tasty 


  1. This is so funny! I made those nuggest tonight too. They are a Weight Watchers recipe. Very good!

  2. Mmm, those looks good, I bet my lil' family would like them, I have seen that one on her website. After I cut the sick chicken, it should be pretty easy :) Thanks for the encouragement, chicken, blah! Loves.

  3. Very yummy looking.

  4. i love Gina's nuggets! my fav thing to make when i'm feeling lazy!

  5. I've checked out her site, but haven't made anything yet. My sister loves it! She just made her lowfat chocolate cake and it was really yummy!

  6. I've made these too ... they are good!